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An ethicist, international lecturer and trend hunter, René Villemure received an Honorary Doctorate (D.h.c.) from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières for his exceptional merit. He has been helping companies, associations and participants of major international events understand ethics and its impacts on the future of society for more than 20 years. He is a published author and the head of Ethikos, an Ethical Thinking consultancy.

René Villemure is a philosophy graduate and a specialist in language analysis and in interpreting society. He has the ability to explain complex subjects while making them accessible to all.

Over the years, he has worked with more than 850 organizations in North America, Europe and Africa as a strategist or lecturer. He has given more than 700 Ethics Talks and trained more than 75,000 people. He has also been interviewed more than 400 times in national and international media.

His field of expertise covers the business world, health, education, the luxury industry, agri-food, international relations and culture.

He has been teaching Ethical Governance at the Collège des administrateurs de sociétés de l'Université Laval since 2009 and at the Directors College of McMaster University since 2018.

He has just finished writing a book to make ethics more understandable to the general public.

René Villemure was recently invited to the European Business Ethics Forum, the 20th MEDEF Summer University, the National Corporate Ethics and Integrity Summit and the Digital Leadership Summit.

He was also a judge at the UN 2017 TaxCOOP Forum for Success and was a Grand Témoin de la Francophonie at the 2018 Francophone Youth Parliament of the Americas. In 2018, he also wrote the afterword to the book Formation et apprentissage en ligne [Online Teaching and Learning].

René Villemure is a founding member of Cercle K2, a member of the Literacy Foundation and a member of the Design-Decode collective. He is also an ambassador for the Monaco Better World Forum.


From yesterday to tomorrow

  1. Founding of the Quebec Institute for Applied Ethics

  2. Founding of Éthikos

  3. Publication of the first Reflections on Ethics article

  4. Chair of Ethical Management

    Recognized in 2005 by the Chair of Ethical Management at HEC-Montréal as one of 120 international figures who made key contributions to the development of integral ethics.

  5. Publication of 50th Reflections on Ethics article

  6. Began teaching ethics at Laval University’s Directors College

  7. Recognized as a “Pathfinder to the Future" in 2010 by the Observatoire des tendances (Paris)

  8. Publication of 100th Reflections on Ethics article

  9. Creator of the ebook «Qu’est-ce que la Beauté?» (What is Beauty?)

  10. Launch of BoardEthics/L’Éthique pour le conseil

  11. International Organization of la Francophonie

    Speech writer and campaign strategist for Michaëlle Jean in conncection with her accession to the position of Secretary General of the International Organization of la Francophonie.

  12. Award of Recognition from Laval University’s Directors College

  13. Launch of the talk entitled “The World in 2030”

  14. Co-creator of the project “Les 10 commandements du monde des Affaires”

    (The 10 Commandments of the Business World) in collaboration with the newspaper Les Affaires.

  15. Member of the group DESIGN-DECODE

  16. Creation of album booklet for Norigine, Éditions Radio-France

  17. Launch of the talk “The Meaning of Time”

  18. Launch of the talk “A Deeper Understanding of Ethics”

  19. Member of the committee created by Québec Cinéma to examine the Claude Jutra affair

    Publication of the manifesto Quand le réflexe tient lieu de réflexion (When Habits Replace Reflection).

  20. Member and teacher at La Factry School of Creativity Sciences

  21. Guest lecturer at the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference

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