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  • March 15th 2015

    Read René Villemure's interview on Design-DECODE

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  • February 19th 2015

    Growing your Board's Ethics-based potential

    A webinar presented by The Conference Board of Canada on April 8th 2015

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  • February 27th 2014

    On February 4th 2014 René Villemure received the 2014 Recognition Award from Laval University’s Directors College.

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Bringing Ethics solutions to governments and large organizations since 1998.
  • Ethical reports
  • Corporate conferences on ethics
  • Mission and Values statements
  • Determination of a Brand Ethical DNA.
  • Socially Exemplary Organizations,
  • Ethics Without Borders

The ethics view point of René Villemure is sought by governments, public and private management of large organizations in America, in Europe and in Africa.

The advice given goes from support to decision making to definition of laws, politics, guidelines, standards and codes.

René has indeed written more than forty ethical reports or inventories, and wrote just as many Values and Mission Guidelines statements. In the same period, he trained over 40,000 people on ethical questions in more than 400 organizations in America, in Europe and in Africa The advice also suggests drafting of Missions, Ambitions and organizational values.

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